Garavee - Exhibition of Marco Scorti (until 18.09.20)

17 July 2020
Vernissage 18.30


For this solo exhibition, Marco Scorti has created a series of large-and small-format acrylic paintings and gouaches with a mnemonic function: The various landscapes depicted evoke transit areas, or “border areas”, in which the dichotomy between nature and artefact fades and the traces of human presence reveal a landscape created and shaped over the course of time.

Borders are the central theme of the exhibition and represent geopolitical boundaries while also evoking the concept of forced detachment as symbolised by the mediation between the act of painting and the artist's eye, whereby the artist depicts and interprets the landscape from the specific viewpoint of the observer.

The landscape is rendered in a variety of formats, from vertical to exaggeratedly horizontal, and from a range of different perspectives. The artist portrays a sequence of terraces, cliffs, woods and shores that appear to tell a story, drawing in the viewer as a casual observer of landscapes depicting the meeting and clash between nature and artefact.

Date of exhibition: 18 July to 18 September 2020

Balint Room, Monte Verità

Free admission, open from 9 am until 9 pm


Special thanks to the Daniele Agostini Gallery, Lugano


For security measures, we kindly remind you that on the occasion of events the personal data of all participants will be requested, for the only purpose of protecting the safety of all guests. Thanks for understanding.

Garavee - Exhibition of Marco Scorti (until 18.09.20)