Mediaguide Monte Verità

Discover the history of Monte Verità with our mediaguide.

From the vegetarian colony and sanatorium of the early 1900s through the Bauhaus-style hotel commissioned by Baron Eduard von der Heydt to the museum set up by Harald Szeemann and the present-day conference centre of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology of Zurich. Monte Verità has a rich history filled with intriguing personalities and movements, which you can discover with this multimedia guide either on site or from the comfort of your home.


  • Audio guide with historical photographs
  • Video guide to Harald Szeemann and Laban's icosahedron
  • The history of Monte Verità: the different eras and personalities
  • Monte Verità today
  • Guest book for visitors to leave a trace of their visit
  • Personality test: Which Monte Veritan are you most like?

Available in four languages: Italiano, Deutsch, English, Français

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