Casa Anatta museum

As part of the project for the refurbishment and reopening of the museum complex, Harald Szeemann's Mammelle della verità exhibition is being treated as an artistic installation. It is therefore being reassembled with the utmost respect for the original intentions of the curator, while adhering to the principles of cultural heritage conservation. Szeemann's exhibition, which was devised as a travelling show, is being restaged in such a way as to retain its "mobile" nature.

In preparation for this refurbishment operation, the 975 objects on display in Casa Anatta were catalogued in a database with detailed descriptions. During the preparation for the Montevisione project, the objects were subdivided into various categories, each of which will be handled with specific measures. The architectural renovation is being overseen by architects Carlo Zanetti and Gabriele Geronzi.

An exhibition to complement Szeemann's installation is mounted in the free spaces available in Casa Anatta, Casa Selma, Casa dei Russi and the Elisarion. This exhibition is a supplement and explore Szeemann's display, and provide details about Szeemann himself. It act as an introduction and accompaniment given that Szeemann's installation, with its dense collection of materials, could prove intimidating for first-time visitors who know little or nothing about the subject matter. This additional exhibition must make clear to its audience why an exhibition from 1981 is being remounted in 2017.

The additional exhibition features a modern style which is completely different from that used by Szeemann, so as to avoid any confusion between the two. Screens, audio stations and multimedia presentations of documents creates a contrast to Szeemann's installation, providing a context for it and highlighting different elements. Given the exceptional wealth of materials in Szeemann's exhibition, only a small number of original objects is displayed in cases; instead, the emphasis is multimedia elements.

Opening hours and tickets

Casa Anatta

1 april - 1 november

Wed - Sat | 14:00 - 18:00
Sun and public holidays | 10:00 - 13:00 | 14:00 - 18:00

Full: CHF 12.00
Reduction 1: CHF 8.00 (AVS/AI, over 65, groups (min. 10 persons), students 17-25 years)
Reduction 2: CHF 4.00 (IOstudio Card)
Free (≤ 16s, Museumspass, Swiss Travel Pass, Membership Card Raiffeisen, ICOM,VMS)

Ticino Ticket: 30% reduction on admission fee (group price excluded).
Cultural Pass: 20% reduction on admission fee (group price excluded).
Welcome Card: 10% reduction on admission fee (group price excluded).

Protection plan


Social distancing

Access to the museum in guaranteed in compliance with the maximum number of people allowed in the same exhibition space (one person per 10 m2) and the respect of social-distancing rules, i.e. 2 meters between one visitor and another.

A maximum of 8 people can be present inside the museum, including the museum attendant. At the entrance of each room is also indicated the maximum capacity of the same, which has absolutely to be respected by the visitors. Members of the same family are exempted from these provisions.

In the case of groups, school groups or special situations in which these measures cannot be respected, the names and the phone numbers of visitors will be noted and kept for a maximum of 14 days, with absolute respect for privacy.

Reception, tickets, shop

The ticket office is equipped with a protective Plexiglas structure. Our museum personnel manage the access to the museum and there are indications as well as floor signs, which we ask you to respect. Visitors are kindly ask to pay by credit cards.

The items of the shop are displayed and can be requested to the attendant; if you wish to consult a book before purchasing, you will be provided with disposable gloves for this purpose.


Visitors are invited to make use of the hand-sanitiser dispenser available at the museum entrance.

Guided tours

Guided tours can be organized for groups up to 20 people, excluding the guide. Please ask for more information to the attendant or write an email to [email protected].