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Monte Verità offers the local public and tourists a programme of cultural meetings and events.

The themes and areas covered are aimed at enhancing the historical and cultural heritage of Monte Verità and the Ascona region and at disseminating scientific, artistic, philosophical and, more generally, humanistic knowledge. A great deal of space is given to collaborations with local institutions such as museums, foundations and cultural associations.

1° agosto al Monte Verità

01 Apr 2021



After a challenging restoration by Petra Helm and Christian Marty, the circular painting of Elisàr von Kupffer is back in the light. The Elisarion Pavilion houses "The Clear World of the Blissful" and completes the Monte Verità Museum Complex.

Originally set up in the Sanctuarium Artis Elisarion in Minusio, it was transferred to Monte Verità by Harald Szeemann, who integrated it into his famous exhibition Monte Verità. Le mammelle della verità.

Further information: www.elisarion.ch www.minusio.ch/elisarion

Information and opening hours

08 May - 12 Aug 2021

Giardini in arte - Luoghi e voci

09 Jun - 25 Aug 2021

Yoga @ Monte Verità

Monte Verità is pleased to offer free yoga lessons in the park every Wednesday from 9 June to 25 August.

The appointments are aimed at those who want to approach yoga in a dynamic and fluid way and focus on posture, body alignment and breathing.


9 - 16 - 23 June

7 - 14 - 21 - 28 July

4 - 11 - 18 - 25 August

6.30 p.m. - with Elena Salvioni


Participation is free, subject to availability, which will be limited in accordance with current regulations.

Equipment: please bring a personal mat (yoga, pilates, gymnastics); comfortable clothes; towel,

sweatshirt, warm sweater or blanket for the relaxation phase.


Registration: required 3 days before the date

In case of rain, the class is cancelled and participants are notified 24 hours before the date.

Meeting point: garden next to the Spazio Piscina

02 Jul - 31 Oct 2021
6.30 pm

Opening Golden Age - Fabrizio Dusi

LIBERI, ANARCHY and UTOPIA: These words, spelt out in light and ceramics, punctuate the space at Monte Verità, evoking the iconic themes of the place’s century-old history. Visual artist Fabrizio Dusi has designed a trail running through the gardens and the indoor areas of the Bauhaus-style hotel featuring mantras and symbolic images: for example, a shining sun — a symbol of rebirth — and the naked bodies of the members of the ancient vegetarian colony, devout practisers of natur-ism and sun baths for maintaining a healthy body and mind.
In the centre of the gardens, the site-specific installation Eve and Adam refers to the desire to return to a life close to nature and links to the Golden Age in the Balint Hall, a vast series of fresco-like paintings. Here, the long narrative unfolds against the backdrop of a pristine landscape, featuring scenes of love and people holding hands in a ring: a poetic homage to the Clear World of the Blissful, a historic circular painting on display in the Elisarion Pavilion. The same Edenic vision is de- picted on a large vase with gold inserts added in the third firing, the subjects of which are inspired by the ideal garden of a new golden age. The exhibition is curated by Chiara Gatti.

Opening: Friday 2nd of July at 6.30 pm

14 Aug - 02 Oct 2021

Songs to the Suns

Cabaret Voltaire returns to the historic Dada summer residence during its renovation and cooperates with Monte Verità Cultural Centre.

«Songs to the Suns»


Opening with performances and talk: Saturday 14.08.21, 16:00–22:00

With artistic contributions by Paul Maheke @paulmaheke and Izidora L. LETHE. Further programme details will follow.


Monte Verità – like Cabaret Voltaire – is considered one of the most important places of the avant-garde, whether in relation to art, theory, or lifestyle. Both at Cabaret Voltaire and on Monte Verità, liberation from physical and linguistic conventions was central. The Lebensreform strove to free society from the stiff corset of bourgeois constraints through vegetarianism, expressive dance, naturopathy, light- and sun-bathing, free-body culture, and reform clothing. However, the parameters around bourgeoisie, identity, and knowledge have changed and need to be looked at from a new perspective. This return is not a nostalgic act, but rather a starting point to examine concerns and forms of expression from the perspective of the present day. «Songs to the Suns» combines holistic and fragmented approaches, seeks a polyphony that destroys binary ways of thinking, and poses critical and political questions through the dissection of wholeness. At the center is the body as archive and site of emancipation.

More information also on the website: www.cabaretvoltaire.ch