Veranstaltungen Monte Verità

Der Monte Verità bietet der einheimischen Öffentlichkeit und den Touristen ein Programm an kulturellen Treffen und Veranstaltungen.
Die behandelten Themen und Bereiche zielen darauf ab, das historische und kulturelle Erbe des Monte Verità und der Region Ascona aufzuwerten und wissenschaftliche, künstlerische, philosophische sowie ganz allgemein humanistische Kenntnisse zu verbreiten. Viel Raum wird der Zusammenarbeit mit lokalen Institutionen wie Museen, Stiftungen und Kulturvereinen eingeräumt.

02 Jul - 31 Okt 2021

Golden Age - Fabrizio Dusi

LIBERI, ANARCHY and UTOPIA: These words, spelt out in light and ceramics, punctuate the space at Monte Verità, evoking the iconic themes of the place’s century-old history. Visual artist Fabrizio Dusi has designed a trail running through the gardens and the indoor areas of the Bauhaus-style hotel featuring mantras and symbolic images: for example, a shining sun — a symbol of rebirth — and the naked bodies of the members of the ancient vegetarian colony, devout practisers of natur-ism and sun baths for maintaining a healthy body and mind.
In the centre of the gardens, the site-specific installation Eve and Adam refers to the desire to return to a life close to nature and links to the Golden Age in the Balint Hall, a vast series of fresco-like paintings. Here, the long narrative unfolds against the backdrop of a pristine landscape, featuring scenes of love and people holding hands in a ring: a poetic homage to the Clear World of the Blissful, a historic circular painting on display in the Elisarion Pavilion. The same Edenic vision is de- picted on a large vase with gold inserts added in the third firing, the subjects of which are inspired by the ideal garden of a new golden age. The exhibition is curated by Chiara Gatti.

Opening: Friday 2nd of July at 6.30 pm

22 Okt 2021

Mario Botta, Tracce di una scuola (auf Italienisch)